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Pre-Season training starts in March 2020

As we move towards the end of the 2019 season we now begin to focus on the 2020 season.  We have already started evaluating players for the 2020 season across all teams, and we are excited to continue developing our young players. Please visit our tryout page to schedule your personal tryout with your age group-specific team.

Our 2003 boys completed an exciting trip to  Germany last month, where they played against top German youth Academies and also got the chance to attend professional and amateur soccer games. Some of our young players caught the eyes of various German clubs and have been invited to return to train with these clubs in 2020 and possibly play at the U19 level in Germany in another two years.

This fall our top young players will also take part in the League 1 Ontario fall reserve league, where they will showcase their skills to League 1 coaches and also the Canadian Premier League coaches and scouting team.

2020 promises to be another great year of soccer for our club.

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