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Toronto Skillz was founded in 2008 with our roots firmly in the south east corner of Toronto ( formally the city of Scarborough). We are a semi professional club.
Our first team (open age) plays in League 1 Ontario which is a regional league considered to be the 2nd division of the Canadian Soccer Pyramid.
We also have a second team which plays in the Ontario Soccer League .In addition we  have a youth academy whose sole purpose is to develop our young talent so they can eventually play in our first team or get opportunities to play abroad in Europe.
Our club structure follows the European football model, where our players train 4 to 5 times a week for 11 months of the year.. Our club provides a community where our players, staff, partners and supporters work together to develop, nurture and promote our core values of respect, trust and a love of football.
Over the last 12 years we have had players progress to professional academies in Europe,  National Team programs, top US and Canadian universities. Each year we also promote some of our top young talent to our league 1 team and our league 1 reserve team.
We have a strong local scouting network that helps us identify emerging talent in our local community. 
We continue to look forward to the support from our community as we build our history in the years to come.

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