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Soccer Cleats


Our dedicated coaches live in our core values of Character, Purpose, Responsibility, Discipline, Professionalism, and Fun.' They are committed to developing excellent players on the field and great people off of it. 

Our coaches are licensed and accredited by the USSF (United States Soccer Federation), USYS (United States Youth Soccer),  USC (United Soccer Coaches), Canada Soccer, Ontario Soccer, and UEFA (Union of European Football Associations). Almost all of our coaches have played at the professional level.



League 1

Coach Jake has been coaching soccer for over 25 years in Canada, he is currently the Technical Director
of the club and the Head Coach of our League 1 Ontario Teams. Coach Jake has coached in the Ontario
Soccer League (Men’s and U21), various youth leagues (SCARDESO, CESL, CSL, SAAC and OASL) and
League 1 Ontario. In addition to coaching in Canada, Coach Jake has spent time at various academies
and professional clubs in Europe observing various development philosophies. Coach Jake has
completed various soccer coaching licenses from the USSF (USSF E, D and National Youth Licensing,
NSCAA (National Coaching Diploma) and Canada Soccer (National B License).



U16 Team

Coach Amir is one of our most productive and innovative coaches at the Academy, and is part of our Senior team coaching staff. Amir combines an
understanding of the game with the needs of his players to create a really good team environment.
Coach Amir lives in our core values of Character, Purpose, Responsibility, Discipline, Professionalism, and Fun. He is committed to developing excellent players on the field and great people off of it
Coach Amir played professionally for Toronto Eagles and York Jets and Persepolis fc in the OSL league. 
Coach Amir completed his Canadian national C license and is in the process of getting his Canadian B license.



U17 Team

Coach Jana has been coaching at various levels in Ontario for the last 15 years, in addition to his
coaching experience Coach Jana played in the Canadian Professional Soccer League and the Canadian
Soccer League. His university playing experience with the Ryerson University Varsity team from 2007-
2010 saw the team reach the OUA final 4. Within our Academy Coach Jana has been able to challenge
our youth players with his thoughtful approach to session planning and his awareness of the players he
is working with. Coach Jana has completed his Canadian National C license and is now in the process of
obtaining his Canadian National B



U10 Team

Coach Memo has been an integral member of our coaching staff for the last 10 years. Coach Memo
currently holds a Canadian B National license. Coach Memo, originally from Mexico City, played soccer in
the NCAA for Pfeiffer University on a full scholarship. After graduation with a master’s degree in
business management, Coach Memo decided to move to Canada. Coach Memo brings a deep
understanding of tactical concepts to his players and has worked with various age groups over the years.




Peter Katasaras is our Academy GK Coach. Peter has many years experience playing at various levels here in Canada. Most recently Peter was the starting Goalkeeper for our League 1 Ontario team. Peter has now transitioned into a coaching role within the club and is responsible for developing our goalkeepers. Peter has completed his community coaching licensing and also the Ontario Soccer GK Diploma

2018-12-20 21.26.24.jpg


We are very lucky to have a dedicated coaching staff helping our players develop all the necessary
characteristics needed to enjoy playing soccer while preparing them for the next level of their soccer
journey. Our staff spends many hours not only on the field but also off the field ensuring that we can
provide our players with the knowledge and tools needed to work towards their goals. Our coaching
staff commitment to constant learning ensures that we are always aware of new research and ideas
being used at some of the top developmental academies in the world. With a diverse coaching staff to
provide guidance and a shared passion for the game, we are not only preparing our players to play at
the next level but we are also excited about the ones that would like to continue on as coaches.

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